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Our activity books are created by moms, teachers and kid experts, to offer your children creative and educational activities, for all ages.

Kiwee’s kids love to color, cutting, pasting and invent.
They learn how to use their hands, how to open their hearts and how to make their head work.

Some examples? Download and print these activity books and let your child to:

  • create a very funny paper monster
  • build a fossil and discovering the dinosaurs
  • color a mandala and hang it in his bedroom
  • starting a great adventure with pirates, looking of treasure
  • learn the ABC’s or the numbers using playdough!
  • drawing animals with their handprints
  • …and so much more!


Kiwee games give you the change to have a great collection of always­new board games. When you buy a traditional board game in a store, you usually pay it evend 15/18 dollars and, after a game or two, it is often soon left behind; at Kiwee you can print and laminating dozens of table games for a really low prince, choosing from a fairy snakes and ladders, a pirates or a wild savannah bingo. Take a look at the most traditional games revisited by our illustrators!

  • the shopping cart game and “Yuck!”
  • the story­teller sheet, to encourage imagination
  • a board game about emotions, to increase empathy and social skills
  • pirate bingo, to play in a themed birthday party
  • the road snakes and ladders, to teach road safety
  • …and so much more!


Are you going to have a baby and do you want to decorate his room? Take a look to our wall art, and you will find a lot of ideas, like great quote or cute illustrations for everybody’s taste. Are you looking for a last­minute gift? Try a print! Download the file, print it digitally (for less than two dollars) and in a second you will have an innovative present that everybody will loves.

  • the illustrated posters with quotes of The Little Prince
  • the wall art “You’re going to be Dad, You’re going to be Grandma”, for a sweet surprise
  • famous great quotes for moms, dads, teachers & co
  • customizable paintings with kids’name or any letter they want
  • …and so much more!

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We build a monster!

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Our Valentine <3


The hungry caterpillar

11 little pigs

Mosaic fun & playmais

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Our happy family

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