Our story would be too long and boring to be told here, but we can give you two or three frames. For example, how we met. It all started on July, on a random Friday…

Nando was the CEO of a web agency based in Catania, Sicily. I was a web designer, and I lived in Tuscany. We both used internet for our jobs, but we didn’t use it just for that, apparently…

Who would have thought that internet would have connected us so much to become life partners? Well, it happened, and Noemi & Daniel, our kids, are the sweetest proof.


Back to work matters, together we understood that the Italian market had nothing to offer towards web design field. We studied on American sites, British sites, Australian sites! And probably there were even other people who were forced to do this double effort.

This is the reason why we have decided to build our own blog about web design (Your Inspiration Web): to share our knowledge, our experience, and to help (Italian) people like us that wanted to know more and more about this topic.

Our idea worked, and encouraged us to do something more. Right after the blog, actually, we decided to bravely try to develop WordPress themes and sell them on the Envato marketplace. And people liked them! As a result, we have earned more than three million dollars in less than four years.

Nowadays, ours are among the best-selling themes in the world, both on ThemeForest, and on our platform, YIThemes.




When Naomi was born, we moved our first steps into the world of parenthood, then little Daniel arrived – two and half years later – and the interest in the giant world of childhood taken a key role in our family life and professional sphere.

Being aware and empathic parents, for our children, was our first target achieved. For three years – and more – we read everything possible, we searched, we applied methods, we tried a lot of creative and stimulating activities to offer our kid: somewhere along the way we realized that we could make a contribution to create a more colorful, creative and cheerful world, a world where children can get their hands mussy, using their heads, learning as they play.

Through collaboration with some “aware moms”, with teachers and childhood experts, our first books and our first printable games was created. Before we’d even realize it, in a few months, Kiwee ​​has evolved to a real project.