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Best Wishes from Team Kiwee

Christmas is coming, and The New Year too! Best wishes for the season, and see you in 2016, with all our new surprises!


To all the moms and dads and aunts and uncles and grandparents who follow us, I’m not going to wish a happy and peaceful Christmas because it is so OBVIOUS that we all would like the world to be a place of serenity and happiness, and we know that you are all trying your best to make it so!

No, my best wishes for the holidays and the new year is to live a full life where there’s no space for boredom. In 2015, among the many new and beautiful things that have happened to us, we decided to homeschool our daughter, so far it’s been an intense and wonderful adventure that brought me back the joy of spending so much time with my daughter between laughter, hugs and of course many quarrels. I have a new job, here in the team Kiwee, a job that I love and where I’m putting a lot of passion and commitment.

Also my husband has a new job … in the Netherlands! And so the whole family will be moving there in a few months; we are all excited and happy and a bit scared but I can’t wait to tell you of our expat life!
Best wishes to all, from the bottom of my heart; if it were not for you dear readers, I would not have reason to be here writing my wishes today.
Thank you.


I wish you all a Christmas like the one I’ll spend: with the scent of cinnamon and the blessing of new things. A Christmas full of family and friends hugging you and wishing you an exciting new year.

My 2015 was full of questions: about my job, about my life, about my family, about what I want. Now that the year is about to end, the answers are coming and – miracle of Christmas – they are beautiful.
So I wish you this: a Christmas full of hopes and dreams, a new year ready to fulfill them all, in a concrete way … and without making you wait too long!


This 2015 was the year of the “earthquakes”, big changes: the arrival of a second baby, moving abroad … we hope that Santa brings us now a little of “calm after the storm” (we all need it) and wish to all families to feel this holiday season with joy, appreciating the magic that lies in the little things, like the pleasure of being together watching a Christmas movie or dunking cookies in hot chocolate.
We’ll be back in 2016, with many new initiatives and with the official launch of the Kiwee Club: do not miss it… it’s a date! 🙂