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New Year at Kiwee!

No New Year resolutions, this year; we all know we never achieve them and we end up more frustrated. We want to lose 10 pounds, quit smoking, call that friend we haven’t seen in a while, sign up to the gym. On top of that, of course, you want to be a better parent.

We even think about some resolutions for our kids: honey, next year I’m going to teach you how to ride a bike, we’ll spend a lot of time outdoors, we’ll go swimming together. And, once again, I’ll be a better parent, I promise: cross my heart and hope to die.

Truth is, we don’t need a list of resolutions to do what we do all year long: we are going to work hard toward growing up with and for our kids, we are going to be their nutritionists, psychologists, hairdressers, personal shoppers, cuddle dispensers, pedagogists, teachers, BFFs…

So this is what we hope fo you (and for us) in 2016: to enjoy what life has to offer, consider the next 12 months an amazing adventure, whatever happens and to be still here, in one year time, because that would mean that the Kiwee Club has become what we wanted it to be!

Have a nice one, Kiwee friends!