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Do you want to build a Sock Man? – Tutorial

Mr. Winter has arrive. Quiet, as usual, with a kind look in his eyes, that of someone bringing with him the best holiday of the year.
A shy guest who makes us feel great emotions and let us spend a lot of time in our homes, a gentle soul who carries the scent of cookies, hot tea and family.
So why don’t spend an hour creating a Sock Puppet dedicated to Mr. Winter with your children, using just two single socks and some other recycled stuff?

This puppet doesn’t need stitching and it is really simple even for little kids,
a great way to spend some time together during this cold season.


  • A big single sock, and a small one
  • Thread
  • Buttons and beads
  • Scraps of fabrics and felt
  • Stuffing or old clothes and scraps of fabric



Fill the bigger sock with stuffing or scraps of fabric.
When it’s full, tighten the top into a knot with a strong thread or with colored wool to create the head.


Tie a thread – like the one you’ve uses for the head – nice and tight in the middle of the body, and it will be the scarf.
Put the smaller sock on the head as if it’s a hat.


Now it’s time to decorate! Use everything you can find in your own home: buttons, beads, pom poms.
We used a glue gun, but you can use some fabric glue, too.
Glue guns must be used by adults only (or under adults supervisione if your kids are a little older)


For the smile of the puppet we used white pins. If you prefer, you can glue beads, but trust me: children will have more fun using pins, just be careful and remind them this puppet is not a toy to play with!

We had a wool pom pom so we put it on the hat. You can do it by yourself, or recycle it from an old dress, or free your creativity and decorate your puppet as you wish!

Here you go, a small SockMan who loves warm hugs 🙂

You just need a little creativity to make a lot of different figures. Some examples?