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Free printable Advent Calendar and other creative freebies for Christmas

Christmas is coming, it’s the time for giving, we all feel a little nicer and more generous… so we at Kiwee have decided to be REALLY generous!

We’ve created something to be cherished, a bit “magical” and impossible to find on-line. We’re talking about our first Kiwee Christmas Bundle. What is it about?

It’s a free collection of Christmas digital printables realized by our amazing illustrators. A ton of fun activities to do with your children during the month of December, but also a Christmas print, a Christmas planner to feel organized and a Santa’s nice certificate for ALL children, because we know that children are all good.

What’s in the bundle?

Printable advent calendar

Our advent calendar is the icing on the cake. On the first of December, start the countdown in a creative way with 25 fun activities to enjoy with your kids:

  • Letter to Santa to cut, write and mail (envelope and decorative stamp included);
  • A portrait of Santa to color and fill with rice or cotton balls;
  • Find the hidden elves;
  • Color and decorate the Christmas tree (printable ornaments included);
  • Maze: help Santa to find his sack;
  • Find our what the kids have asked to Santa;
  • Spot the differences;
  • Glue the picture of your children and use the included features to transform them into elves or reindeer;
  • Cut and prepare some tree ornaments;
  • Christmas snakes and ladders;
  • Jigsaw puzzle,
  • Draw a reindeer with your little one’s handprints;
  • Montessori inspired sorting Christmas tree (from big to small)
  • Find the shadow of each object;
  • Create some snowflake window clings;
  • Create a mosaic of an angel with playmais or using the colored paper tiles (included);
  • Cut and color a door decoration;
  • Find the shape of each object;
  • Decorate the gingerbread men;
  • Let’s play memory!
  • Cut and build the gingerbread house;
  • Make a spiral to hang from the ceiling or on the window;
  • Prepare some reindeer food;
  • Write some notes to the ones you love while you wait for Santa;
  • On Christmas day you will have a space for drawing and writing about the best moment of you Christmas.


If you’re reading this and the first of December has already passed, don’t worry, you can still enjoy each activity! What matters most is having fun together!

And Christmas is the best time of the year to have fun together.

But there’s more!

Send us the pictures of what you made with your kids using our bundle (and, if you wish, of your kids making it) for a chance to win a surprise prize in January!

Santa’s printable art

In the bundle you will find a cute printable: “Santa, we’re waiting for you! Milk and cookies are on the table” Hanging the sign might become your new Christmas tradition, after preparing a snack for Santa and before bedtime.


Santa’s super special nice certificate

We want children to be happy, this certificate is dedicated to them; a memory to be cherished and to remind your children how special they are and that they must be proud of who they are and their achievements. Not your usual nice certificate but a truly special one.



Christmas planner

This is for you, the one who’s trying to make it perfect: presents, parties, invitations, appointments… a printable planner to stay focused and organized during the holiday frenzy.


Sign-up and download the bundle

Don’t forget to send us your pictures, your feedbacks and those of your children are important to us!