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Pre-Writing Activities

There are a lot of pre-writing activities which do not require pencils, even if children love writing tools long before they are ready to use them: finger painting, drawing in the sand, in the shaving cream, play with playdough.

When your child is two-three-years-old, you can try to let him imitate an horizontal line, a vertical line, or a circle.

Then a square, a cross, a triangle, over the years.

Using playdgh in pre-writing activities is easy, just us a laminate page to draw a letter, number, or shape on the flattened area.

Pre-writing activities with playdough encourage kids to learn the alphabet and a lot of new name.

By developing good hand skills you will help your kid to improve fine motor skills. He will gain the ability to control the small precise movements with his hands, wrists and fingers.

Never forget how important is to develop control and strength in shoulders, so we can steady ourselves.

Let your child imitate you, and show him how it’s done, if he asks for a pen. Repeat the movements over and over, to teach him how to perform the requires movements, instead of copying a word from a book.

Before a kid can reproduce letters and numbers in a right way, fine motor skills must take place.

But remember to have fun with your child, pre-writing is not a work or a duty!

To make those handwriting activities funny and easy, Kiwee Club created for you and your kids a lot of specific products.

A series of playdough Activity Book, like Learning Alphabet Playdoug, with 26 cute images to complete and letters to shape using playdough, and a series of writing tools Activity Book, like From A to Z – Preschool Learning, which will help them write/trace 26 lowercase and upper case letters. Kids will have also a small section to write the letters free hand.
Share with us your own pre-writing ideas or tell us how your kids asked for learn how to write!