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Interviewing Children

Children are the voice of truth. Are they? We have interviewed two of our children. Here are their answers.

Before I start asking you questions, could you please introduce yourself? Who are you? How old are you?

A: I’m Antonio R. and I’m seven.

S: Six and a half, Sveva.

Do you go to school or do you study at home?

A: I go to school. I like all subjects, I go to school every day from 8,30 to 4.30 and I eat at the school canteen where I usually sit with my friends.

S: I study at home but I also go to school twice a week, yesterday I went there and I’ll go there tomorrow. The name of my school is “Ubuntu”, it’s a democratic school and there you can do whatever you want, you can also take the courses if you feel like it but you if you don’t feel like it then you can play or do something else. There is a lady at my school who leads an intercultural workshop and I think she was born under a volcano. Her name is Luz and I love her so much and I always feel like attending her workshops.

Tell me how do you imagine the world in twenty years from now, what kind of inventions there will be? Will there be something that we don’t have now?

A: There will be a little more politeness, perhaps same sex couple will be able to marry if they love each other (TN: in Italy, to date, same sex couples are not recognized), then there will be higher skyscrapers and furniture will be very different from now.
There will be Christmas decorations that we have not even imagined yet and I hope it will be possible to travel deeper in space.

S: Maybe there will be a big big big big big big big (mom, add another “big”) truck to save many people, it will have lots of protective layers, to avoid gunshots. (MOM’S NOTE: She’s referring to a vehicle intended to rescue people in war zones) We must always believe in ourselves to accomplish things; if we do not think, nothing will ever be invented and that’s not fair.
Anyway the world will be nice, it will be always sunny with lots of rainbows.

If you were a boy/a girl how would you look?

A: I’d have blond and pretty long hair with pigtails, a fair face, blue eyes. I like being a boy but if I were a girl I’d like that too.

B: I’d have dark hair, no, brown. And brown eyes and a blue outfit with jeans and a belt. I’d be skinny and tall or short but anyway I wouldn’t want to be a boy.

What is needed to be a good friend?

A: You should not argue or beat each other, you have to play and also talk a lot. And when you meet a new friend your should not ask personal things, because than your new friend becomes shy and you will not have the chance to become close friends.

S: You must be kind because otherwise you can not have many friends, you end up with zero friends if you’re naughty. To be a good friend you have to worry about others and your new friends. You must never turn your back on friends when they have problems or fail to do something, you have to cheer them up when they are sad and if you never do it you’ll never become a friend.

Do you ever feel the desire to argue?

A: No.

S: No.

What is the thing that you can’t wait to learn?

A: Forms beyond the third dimension (mom does not know what to say about it, LOL).

S: The backward roll (which I can’t do), the headstand, the cartwheel, the super high jump and to become a doctor.

Tell me the most unjust thing that comes to your mind.

A: War

S: War.

Why do you think I’m asking you all this questions?

A: Because you want to know something about children.

S: Because you want to know all about my life.

Try to ask the same questions to your children, and if you wish share their answers with us, here on the blog or on our Facebook page, if you prefer!