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Some Glue Tips

It’s not easy to know which glue you need, and it could be so frustrating. May also be expansive to keep a oversized supply of different types of glue.
So, let’s see toghether some tips.

In first, never forget any types of glue once the package is opened.
Almost every glue tend to get dry in contact with air, and also can give off toxic vapour.

You can find online a lot of “glue chart”, which will teach you which glue to use.

Just like everyone else, you surely have a tube of super glue in your home. Super glue is permanent and can be used in most general use, like paper, ceramic, fabric, but it’s not recommended for kids use.

When you’re working with hot glue it’s necessary to take caution.
Hot glue is multipurpose and quite acceptable for general use on paper, fabric, ceramic, cardstock, and it’s make it maybe the most eclectic glue on the market.
You can buy a glue gun online or in stores, we suggest to choose a type which can to purchase an high temperature.

If you have kids who love to craft, a common school glue will be perfect: easy to clean up, non toxic, inexpensive.
Glue stick often dry up before you’ve completely use it. Acid free and great for almost any types of paper or cardstock.

Kiwee Team love to work with glue and we’ve created for you and your kids a lot of specific products.
Mosaic Fun is a playful activity book developed to entertain your children and improve their fine motor skills and color recognition.
Once printed, let your kids cut and glue the correct colored tile to the picture.

Inside Build your Monster your children will find printable horns, arms, legs, eyes, bodies, mouths and mouths, to cut and glue using imagination to create some terrific monster.

Now it’s your turn! Share with us your glue tips and show us your kids craftwort! Have fun!