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You’re so lucky to be a WAHM!

“Oh, you are SO lucky to be be a work at home mom. You don’t have to spend hours in the traffic, you can be with your kiddo, you have time for yourself, for the house, you can work without stressing. And you have a job and an income. I would love to be able to do the same”

Ok people, let’s talk about it.

When my daughter was born there was nothing I wanted more than working from home.
I envisioned myself getting up early after a good night’s sleep, having a drink of hot water with lemon and ginger, doing some exercise than taking a shower, preparing a delicious and healthy breakfast before getting dressed and starting my work day.
I imagined being as calm as one can be, sipping tea from my duck-egg-blue-with-polka-dots mug, wearing my handmade clothes which would made me feel comfortable while still looking amazing.
My house would be perfectly tidy and clean since I would have SO much time to do everything and my husband would come home to find a content wife and a beautiful daughter with perfectly brushed hair and a clean outfit. Of course, dinner would be ready.

Yes, I really wanted to be a work-at-home-mom, more than anything else.

Six years later here I am, a WAHM.

If you are a wahm, you’ve been smirking since the very beginning, for all the other wannabe WAHMs let me tell you something.
It’s true, you WILL get up early and that’s because after spending hours awake in bed thinking about all you have to do, you won’t be able to get back to sleep anymore. Forget the good night’s sleep! If you’re a mom you already know that anyway.
You may remember reading somewhere that sipping hot water with lemon and ginger is really good for so many reasons but let’s be serious; do you really want to swallow some acidic and terrible tasting drink after the horrible night you had?
You will switch on your computer because your swore you would do some exercise and a home workout sounds like a good idea; you would really be committed to it, especially because dancing while looking at Shaun T’s ABS is a very good way to start your day. But exercise make you sweat, and if you sweat like crazy you will need a shower. Needing a shower is no good if you’re a wahm because than you will be late for your conference call and you haven’t finished your article yet and your colleague needs those figures by… yesterday. And that’s without considering that your little angel will wake up soon, hungry and moody. You see, a shower is out of discussion. And so is that fabulous workout.

But you can have breakfast, sure. No, it won’t be a healthy and delicious breakfast, it will be something like cold toasted bread and iced tea or a gallon of coffee and a box of doughnuts (note to self: stop wondering why you have put on 20 pounds in the last six months). You will eat your breakfast in front of the PC, wearing jammies. No, sorry, not just any jammies, HANDMADE jammies. Which will make you feel really comfortable!

Yes, you will be sipping tea from your duck-egg-blue-with-polka-dots mug, that is if you did the washing up.

You will stare at your monitor even if you aren’t working so to avoid looking at the state of your house and when your husband messages you asking what’s for dinner, you will start panicking because you haven’t finished your work, your daughter has ballet class (and YOU can’t miss it because it’s your only chance to have an adult conversation with the other moms, today). You haven’t even brushed her hair nor washed her leotard which has a chocolate stain since last week. And of course, you have NO IDEA what’s for dinner, you really need to shower and get dressed even it that means wearing mismatched socks because you haven’t done the laundry.

Ok, stay calm… you can still call that friend of yours who needs to work and ask her to come to your house tomorrow and do some cleaning; you’re working so you have every right to spend some of that hard earned money on a help. Right, her youngest has chicken pox: no don’t worry, it’s fine, I don’t have THAT MUCH to do. Hope he gets better soon!

“MOM we’re late”. I know sweety, I know.
“Honey, did you iron my shirt?” Oh, crap.
“Have you finished the article?” Just about…
“Is that file updated?” mmm… yes?
“Do you mind going to the post office for me, you know, I have to work” Right, I’m being paid for doing nothing, you know?
“Can I call you now?” NO!
“Mooom, my leotard has a chocolate stain!” Nobody will notice babe (except for me and my guilt).
“Honey, what’s this smell?” yuor dinner love!
“Mom, the dog peed on the carpet” OH F…
THIS, people, is the life of a WAHM.

But then the night comes and you look at your house which is a shambles. You look at your daughter who’s still wearing her chocolate-stained-leotard and happily playing on the floor, you look at your husband who looks back at you with the sweetest of the smiles even if you stink and you hair (and you daughter’s) is a mess, the dinner is barely edible and his shirt hasn’t been ironed. Your boss sends you an e-mail thanking you for your great work.

And you think that, after all, you wouldn’t want things to be different. Yes, it would be great to have some me-time, a clean house, the time to shower more regularly, a good night’s sleep.

But the truth is, I love what I do, I love being a mom who works at home, being here for my family. We have good days and not so good days but this is what life is about: trying to find a balance and be happy.
Plus, I can work wearing jammies. I won’t look amazing but it’s OH-SO-COMFY! 🙂