This section is constantly updated . If you do not find the information you need , please contact us!

Why you only sell digital products?

We just sell digital products to offer you a less expensive service (by saving on shipping and printing, we can sell our products at $ 45), and give you products that are immediately available, too: after completing your purchase you will be able to download the file(s) and print them at home. Our products are perfect for a last­minute­gift, and hundreds of activities to entertain your children…are just a click away!

What format do you recommend?

Print activity books on A4 or USLetter paper, with your home printer. Children are supposed to color them, and cut, and experiment, so you won’t need to print at high quality. For board games and everything you want to keep, we recommend to use A3/Tabloid high­quality format, then to laminate them. (just $ 1 or $ 2).

How often you will update the list of new products?

It depends. We don’t have a fixed number because we offer complex, high quality products, and products like that need planning and designing. A complex learning resource (like in the Montessori line) takes more time and work than a wall art. We can guarantee at least 3­4 new activity book, 5 prints and a board game in a month, but
we’re increasing our team of illustrators, so the number of resources­in­a­month will increase, too.

How long do I have to wait, after my payment, before receiving the resources?

You will receive the files immediately after payment, and you will find them in your personal area, where you can download the files and save them on your computer.

Can I use the products for commercial purposes?

Not right now. You can’t.
Surely, if you want to print one more and give it to a friend, feel free to do it! But if you want to make 100 copies and resell them, the answer is No, you can’t. For any doubt, we invite you to contact us (contact page link): we’ll talk together about this and we will see case by case what type of license can serve your needs.

Can I purchase printed resources or printed pictures and physical products on your website?

Not right now.
All our resources are sold in digital format: after the purchase you will need to download and print the files. For exemple, printing a wall art in high quality and A3 format, will cost about $ 2.

Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied by the product?

Due to the nature of the product we are unable to offer a refund. However, if there’s an error in our product, or maybe it is possibile to improve it, you can contact us and let us know what is wrong: we will try to meet your needs! Your satisfaction is important to us.

How can I use resources? Must I bring them to the printing press to have them printed and plastic coated?

It is not necessary to bring them to the printing press! Most of our resources are in an A4 format so you can print them with any common printer. We suggest printing them on paper that is thicker than the classic one, mainly because it is heavy-duty and children prefer to use it (as they can cut it more easily). It is up to you.

About resources in A3 format (some prints or boards games), if you don’t have an appropriate printer you can bring them to a printing press. Costs are very cheap, we printed several prints and spent $ 1.50 for each one!

About the laminator, most of our books and activities are conceived to be colored, cut, glued and messed up without mercy. It is, therefore, not essential to laminate them. We suggest laminating only board games such as Blah! or the cards to create stories so that they won’t be damaged over time and their use. Thanks to the plastic layer, activities become “immortal”, like our Blah, that we’ve been using for three years now, still in perfect condition in spite of hundreds of exciting games 😉

Anyway, an A4/A3 laminator costs less than $ 30 and can be a proper investment (you can’t imagine how many things you can laminate!)

I like the idea, but the possible waste of paper holds me back. What’s your opinion about it?

Most of our activities are not conceived to be single-use. Indeed, we recommend laminating board games and cards to make them heavy-duty. In this way, even after years of use, they will be perfectly preserved like any other game purchased in a store! If you print activity books on paper that will be recycled once the activity is over, the game becomes 100% sustainable.

Recycled paper is also very cheap. On Amazon, you can buy a ream of 2500 sheets at $ 27. Years and years of printed creative activities! It’s a big saving if you think the original Blah! costs $ 30 and you can print it from our site and laminate it for not more than $ 5.

I have found many creative and educational free activities online. Why must I pay for something I can have for free?

I also used free resources online and it was just the lack of possibility to find new and quality activities that inspired me to create Kiwee. Online, you mainly find coloring pages, some simple and not too illustrated games, but if you are looking for something more elaborate, you must invest. Some marketplaces offer similar activity books and prints at a price that varies from $ 5 to $ 10 . We are the first and only ones to offer a yearly subscription.

This small fee that allows you to have access to 365 days of quality resources, covers the costs for professional illustrators and experts working at Kiwee who help us planning focused activities that can be both educational and fun.

I would like to gift the subscription for Christmas. How can I do it in a nice way?

After subscribing to the club, you can send us an email to request the special card. We will send you a very cute printable illustrated card 🙂 You will only need to print it and put it in an envelope.

Why the customizable products are not included in your club subscription?

Because we need a lot of time and works to customize our products and we are not able to provide this service for free to all our kiweers. We hope you understand that custom products need attentions and love to details so they have an higher value.