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The Kiwee project

Kiwee is an island where learning and playing meet creativity, a club where children will always find something nice to do.

Kiwee is your ally!

  • In boring situations when also the quietest child would feel tested (think dinners at the restaurant, wedding receptions, doctors waiting rooms, long journeys but car or airplane...)
  • To change your routine with some creative and stimulating activities which will allow your kids to use their hands and their heads. Our activity books and the readings have been designed especially for children of preschool age who are homeschooled.
  • The printable games are inspired by the ones kids love the most ­ like Candyland, Memory, Bingo ­ and they can be printed many many of times. Once you laminate our printable games, then they can resist eternallthey will become virtually undestructable, to entertain young and old of all ages!
  • To offer your children (or your students) specific educational material with high quality illustrations so you won't need to waste time to make them using software which are not always user friendly.
  • If you'd like to decorate the kids' room with an original print, or make a special gift to a future mother. You can have our products printed in large format (A3) and high quality paper for a really low price (1 or 2 dollars). The catalog includes a lot of resources for parents, information materials and planners.
  • When you have a birthday party to organize, a Christmas party to host, baby showers and many other special occasions, you can use Kiwee original party kits!


  • Playful activity book & games

    Mandalas and abstract shapes to color, mosaic and collage, cut and glue, paper puzzles. But also themed activities ­ to do during weddings, parties, holidays ­ and new ideas to use with playdough, playmais, finger colors and water colors in many different ways.
    Our games list also includes printable race tracks, bingo, candyland and a lot of new games, to ensure hours of fun!

  • Learning activity books

    Play based learning is really effective and fun: a series of activity books designed by education experts for preschooler and kindergardener (alphabet, shapes, numbers...) and older children (with activities focused on astronomy, anatomy, history, geography, art...)

  • Digital books

    Imagine you have an infinite number of stories to tell your kids, all stored in a hand held device that fits in your bag. Some of our stories will help children facing new and common situations (giving up their pacifier, the loss of a loved one, a new sibling, fear of the dark...) and fantasy stories to read over and over. It will be possibile to download a black and white coloring version of each book.

  • Wall Art & Prints

    We design printables for t-shirts or wall hangings for your kids' bedroom. Click and download then print at home: add a touch of color to your home at a very reasonable price. Thanks to our products you will be able to prepare a last minute original present in no time, ironic prints suitable also for moms to be or new moms because when a baby comes, it also comes the need to be and feel calm and it's always a good time to be merry!


    A constantly updated Archive, where you can find downloadable invitations templates and thank-you cards, greeting cards and decorations for your parties. Print what you want, customize everything and you're done: you can get more bang for your buck!

  • Parenting Resources

    Informative eBooks written for parents or future parents, gift ideas for moms and dads and creative resources for pregnancy like planners, wall art with great quotes. A constantly updated archive to help you in the most difficult­but­sweet job in the world.



5 credits EACH MONTH
  • Instant access to our ebooks
  • Instant access to our activity books
  • Instant access to our printable arts
  • Access to new items each week
  • Cancel easily anytime
$ 9.99 /month billed monthly


60 credits EACH YEAR
  • Instant access to our ebooks
  • Instant access to our activity books
  • Instant access to our printable arts
  • Access to new items each week
  • Cancel easily anytime

only in this plan:

  • Unlimited downloads for each product
  • Access to our contest & giveaway
  • Join the community and suggest a product
$ 7.99 /month billed annually and save $ 24.00!


Jennifer Baldoni

Until a week ago I used to buy online just one resource at time. In December I spent more than $ 200 to buy three small prints and wall art to decorate my house for Christmas.
Then, I discovered the “Kiwee annual subscription” and I couldn’t resist. I like everything, it would be impossible for me to choose! I printed The Little Prince wall art series (I spent just 2,70 dollars) and they are so pretty, looks like they’re handmade, and they don’t go unnoticed in my house!

Tina Davies

Now the rain is not a big deal!
With paper, scissors, glue… and Kiwee! What shall we do today? We can build a paper monster, or learn about dinosaurs! It’s easy to find a good way to spend the day and ­why not ­ to learn something interesting! Activity books are our favoutite product, and there are frequent updates. The Club moved in the direction of our expectations, and my 3 and 5 year­old children’s expectations too.


Why you only sell digital products?

We just sell digital products to offer you a less expensive service (by saving on shipping and printing, we can sell our products at $ 4­5), and give you products that are immediately available, too: after completing your purchase you will be able to download the file(s) and print them at home. Our products are perfect for a last­minute­gift, and hundreds of activities to entertain your children…are just a click away!

What format do you recommend?

Print activity books on A4 or USLetter paper, with your home printer. Children are supposed to color them, and cut, and experiment, so you won’t need to print at high quality. For board games and everything you want to keep, we recommend to use A3/Tabloid high­quality format, then to laminate them. (just $ 1 or 2).

How often you will update the list of new products?

It depends. We don’t have a fixed number because we offer complex, high quality products, and products like that need planning and designing. A complex learning resource (like in the Montessori line) takes more time and work than a wall art. We can guarantee at least 3­4 new activity book, 5 prints and a board game in a month, but
we’re increasing our team of illustrators, so the number of resources­in­a­month will increase, too.

How long do I have to wait, after my payment, before receiving the resources?

You will receive the files immediately after payment, and you will find them in your personal area, where you can download the files and save them on your computer.

Can I use the products for commercial purposes?

Not right now. You can’t.
Surely, if you want to print one more and give it to a friend, feel free to do it! But if you want to make 100 copies and resell them, the answer is No, you can’t. For any doubt, we invite you to contact us (contact page link): we’ll talk together about this and we will see case by case what type of license can serve your needs.

Can I purchase printed resources or printed pictures and physical products on your website?

Not right now.
All our resources are sold in digital format: after the purchase you will need to download and print the files. For exemple, printing a wall art in high quality and A3 format, will cost about two dollars.

Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied by the product?

Due to the nature of the product we are unable to offer a refund. However, if there’s an error in our product, or maybe it is possibile to improve it, you can contact us and let us know what is wrong: we will try to meet your needs! Your satisfaction is important to us.

How much does a credit worth? And how does the credits system work?

Credits don’t have a fixed value (please, don’t think that 1 credit is just 1 euro: it isn’t true!).
The value of credits is determined by a lot of reason, based on the complexity of the product. Prints are worth one single credit, but a birthay kit (which includes many resources) is worth six credits.
Joining the club, you will have a certain amount of credits, and you’ll be able to use them to download resources you choose.
When you download a resource for the first time, the credits required will be deducted from your threshold. You will be able to download that product for a second or a third time, without paying again.