concept & designer

Sara Presenti

Sara AKA “Mascara Design” on the web, is Your Inspiration’s leading UX designer. Challenges make her feel alive. That’s why, even if her two beloved pests (three-year-old Noemi and seven-month-old Daniel) are keeping her busy, she decided to invest some of her imagination and creativity in The Kiwee Club project. You know, being a mother double inspires (and frazzles) her!


Nando Pappalardo

Among the most successful entrepreneurs in the field of WordPress themes, he was one of the first Italians to make his name known in the international market with top-selling products. Founder of Your Inspiration Web, a renowned Italian community about web design field, today is the CEO of Your Inspiration, a company of communication and training whose aim is to help web designers to get better, and take advantage wisely of the market opportunities.


Sara Michieli

An optimistic cat lover with a sweet tooth, Sara loves everything handmade and wish it were Christmas all year round.
She’s been drawing ever since she was a child (not so long ago) and she turned her passion into a full time job, working as an illustrator and graphic designer.





Irene Taglioni

Irene was born near Pisa and she’s been in love with drawing, comic strips and videogames since when she was a child. Although she’s now grown up, she still feels like a little girl.


Maria Luisa Di Gravio

Maria Luisa is a freelance illustrator. She was born and raised in Rome where she still lives, and she’s been passionate about drawing since as back as she can remember. Books and exhibitions are food for her imagination. Creating tales and drawing animals (especially her black-furred straight-edged nose dog Nerone) is what she loves the most.

Solange Grosso

Now that she is a mom she actually no longer knows how old she is. The last time she checked, she was about six and a half.
After having her baby-girl, Solange decided to leave a job she had never loved and become a translator thanks to her love for the English language and all the years spent in Ireland.
She is an all-in-one English teacher, a web writer, a freelance translator, a homeschooling mom, a wife, and cultivates loads of hobbies and creative activities: she is now taking an online course on creative writing for kids and an online drawing course, while designing and sewing her and her little girl Sveva’s strictly hand-made wardrobe.

Sonia Coluccelli

Here I am with all labels defining my unplanned, changeable story and life: mummy Sonia, teacher Sonia…
I am a teacher and an educator, teaching children at the primary school, teaching other teachers, writing, talking and wandering about teaching.
I am in charge of implementing some Montessori and unconventional education projects in public schools.
I have also been dealing with multi-racial education for 15 years, both in and out of school…and at home 🙂

Sara Fierro

A fickle wannabe. Compulsive reader, wannabe nerd, serial addicted, pretty lazy but always singing mom. Sara loves English, math, fries but, above all, Christmas. She can’t wait for that moment when everyone will look at her as an adult rather than as an aged teenager.