How to use Kiwee products

  1. Print ​files on your printer or go to a printer shop. You can choose to print in black and white or in coIor, it depends on the product you’ve chosen. Our activity book are designed to be printed in a classic A4 format.
  2. ​Laminate when necessary​: usually activity book does not require laminating process, because they are full of cute&paste activities. But some activity book containing board games, memory cards and Montessori nomenclatures. In these cases we recommend to laminate products so that can resist for a very long time. If Kiwee products become part of your family routine, you’ll want to consider to buy a laminator, that usually is affordable and have a suprising value­for­money.
  3. Use velcro to attaches and detaches​: as in the case of planners, we recommend to use small velcro strips allowing children to attach and detach all the activity sheets while the planner is already hanged to the wall.
  4. Wall Art and Prints: ​download the file and print in large format (A3) and high quality paper. The cost is usually 1.50 $ so you enjoy your high quality print for a really small price
  5. ​About board games:​ The table games is designed for A3 format. If you don’t have an home printer able to print that format, you can go to a printer shop: print and laminate it for a very low price! Dice and pawns are not included, but you can those of other board games, or you can buy them in stores for 1/2 $.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.