Kiwee is an evolving reality and a constantly updated catalogue is our most wanted long­term goal. We want to offer to your children ­ and to you, parents ­ a large choice of always new prints, creative and educational activities, and much more.

Our team needs creative and smart minds, who can create hight quality designs projects starting just from an idea.
Illustrators and graphic designers who can design activity books, wall art, comics, board game and much more.

Kiwee Team is perfect for you if...

  1. You have some experience about projects for kids: prints and books for children requiring a specific style, compared to another illustration projects. So, you’ve got an advantage if you’ve already work on something similar to products that we sell (maybe you’ve illustrated a children’s book).
  2. You have a lot of creativity and imagination: our illustrators have free rein and they can experiment with typography, colors and different styles of design. We like to impress kids who use our products as much as we like to be impressed by working with an artist who’s able to shape our scripts.
  3. You want to work independently, as a freelance: you can choose to work with us on a freelance, proposing us your activity books ­ or your prints­, and leaving us free to choose if buy your product or not. So, you’ll have full autonomy, without timetables and deadlines to meet.
    Draw when you want, even at night time! Show us your project when it’s ready: if we like your idea, we will talk about the purchase 🙂 !
  4. You want a telework:  the potential of this kind of work is amazing. You’ll work comfortably in your own home ­ or from the library ­ , anywhere in the entire world. We are in Spain, but you can work with us from Canada, Mexico or Vietnam: we have the right tools to make the distance not a big deal!

Click here to download our report and find out how to send your application!